Trendy Video Advertisements for Social Media Platforms

Start Trendy and Go Viral

People spend more time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than on any other web-based platform.

Take advantage of this sea of potential customers with trendy video advertisments designed to stop their scrolling and grab their attention!

Graphical Social Media Video Advertisments

Our team can appease even the shortest of attention spans with these quick, trendy, graphical video ads designed specifically for Facebook and Instagram users.

Live Action Social Media Video Advertisments

Our team can combine the highest quality stock video footage with videos you supply of your business to create a broadcast quality live action video ad.

Animated Social Media Video Advertisments and Explainer Videos

Our team can create a stunning animated video ad or explainer video complete with professional voice-overs, colorful backgrounds and fun animated characters.

Motion Picture Social Media Video Advertisments

Our team can take your still photograph ad and bring it to life with amazing motion elements and special visual effects.

Conquer Your Local Competition on YouTube...

When people want a review of the best service providers in their area, they turn to YouTube… and Intergalactic Web Services specializes in helping businesses get to the top of their local YouTube search results.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Head on over to YouTube and do a search for “Best Tallahassee Computer Repair”, and you’ll find our ad right at the top, ahead of all our competition!

If you’d like your business at the top of your local YouTube search results, let us know and we’ll be happy to get you there.

Get Top YouTube Search Results with Intergalactic Web Services

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